I Am Ready To Book A Session. What Next? 
Great! I can't wait to work with you! Please fill out the contact form or email me and we will get started. 

What Do You Photograph? 
I photograph a little bit of everything.
My experience includes photographing families, events, parties, engagements + weddings, humanitarian projects around the world, interior spaces, small businesses products, and more. I am always willing to photograph new things!  

How Long Will It Take to Receive Our Images?
You can expect to receive your images 2-3 weeks after your portrait session. I put a lot of time and care into editing your images to make sure the edits are crisp, consistent and beautiful.

How Will We Receive Our Images?
Sessions are delivered through a high resolution, downloadable, online gallery. It is very convenient to download to your computer and phone and to share with family and friends.

Do you offer prints?
Yes! You will have the option of purchasing high-quality prints, mounted mat prints, and canvases directly through your online gallery.

What Should We Wear?
I get this question often! I collaborated with other photographers and stylists  to put together a style guide that I will send to you upon booking a session with me. The guide will assist you with choosing pieces, colors, accessories that will photograph well. If you are coordinating outfits for your family, this will be especially helpful to you!  In addition, I am always happy to help and answer any outfit questions you may have. 

What Happens If We Get Rained Out?
I wish I could order sunny and 70 for every session! Unfortunately , there is always a possibility of rain the day of your session. We will plan to watch the radar leading up to the day of your session. If it is raining, we will plan to work together to find another date that works for everyone. There is no fee to reschedule due to rainy weather. 

How Long Is A Session With You?
Depending on the session, our time together typically lasts 45 minutes - 1.5 hours. With young kids, I try to be creative in maximizing our time together. My goal is for you is to leave your session feeling unrushed and knowing we had just the right amount of time together!

What If My Kids Don't Cooperate? 
The good news is....  I'm not a videographer! I am very comfortable around kids and not much surprises me. Moms with young kids often tell me that they can't believe that, despite the fact that their session felt like a whirlwind, they received so many great images. My goal is for your kids to have fun and not feel like they are having their photo made. We will play games, laugh, and create some great candid captures. If they just need a minute... that's fine! 

What Time of Day Do You Schedule Sessions?
For the best light, I prefer to shoot outdoor sessions early morning or 1-2 hours before sunset.

What Locations Do You Suggest?
 I am flexible and open to any location you have in mind! I have a list of favorite locations that I will send you to choose from if you do not already have a preferred location. I love shooing outdoors, as well as in-home lifestyle sessions. 

Are You Willing To Travel?

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